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Celebrating over 35 years of Copywriting,
over 35 years of Art and Illustration,
and over 20 years of Web Design.

Celebrating over 20 Years as Creative Sharks!

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Words and images - that's what it's all about. Okay, plus ideas.
Good writing, great design and clever ideas are what Creative Sharks does... do... does.
With the right words and images, you can sell anything, convince anyone.
A clever idea can put you on the map. Think "Got Milk" and the Chick-Fil-A cows.
And although it may seem like bovines have taken over advertising,
you can be just as creative with, oh, say, a duck. "Aflac!" And, by the way,
there are still just as many horses' hindparts hanging around advertising agencies as there ever were.
Which is why we chose a shark. We've had enough of barnyard animals.
Sharks are clean, they're fast... and they don't mind swimming with other sharks. : )
if you need good copy,
great designs,
and clever ideas...

That's why we're here.
We're Creative Sharks, a North Carolina-based creative firm
with over 35 years of experience in creating words and images,
and using them cleverly and strategically to help our clients reach their goals.
We do copywriting, graphic design, illustration, web design and development,
social media, SEO, blogs, mobile media, e-commerce, direct marketing, logos
and corporate i.d., collateral print, poster design, book and media cover design,
scripts, storyboards - you name it.

Words and images - that's why we're here. Plus, to have fun. :)
Contact Creative Director Waitsel Smith at 404.357.2163 to discuss your next project.
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And, by the way, we don't bite.