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A Lasting Impression

We live in a world saturated with entertainment. But, very often, that entertainment leaves us with nothing of lasting value.

There is a great need for quality entertainment which also presents lasting truth. The work of Curt Cloninger does just that. Curt is a follower of Jesus, and a professional actor and writer. He uses his comic and dramatic skills to present story and theatre which move an audience to see and feel the startling good news of God in fresh and creative ways.

Since 1982 Curt has performed thousands of times for colleges, churches and conferences all over the world. He is equally at home performing for large national conferences or small intimate settings. (He's performed for 40,000 people in the Georgia Dome, and for 30 people crammed into a living room.) Wherever he performs, people are deeply moved. His performances have an intimate quality which pulls audiences into the story. His work stirs emotions and causes people to ask questions. Curt commonly hears from people who tell him that his characters and stories are still impacting their lives, years after seeing a performance.

Curt's work is more than brilliant theatre – it's theatre with a lasting impression.

For bookings, click here or call 404-915-4948.

Jesus Talks!

Writer-actor Curt Cloninger explores what it would be like to spend an hour with Jesus, listening to him tell stories and answer questions. Curt presents Jesus as an earthy, real person that makes some incredible claims, offending some while attracting others. He uses three contemporary settings: inside a church, as he dresses down the religious people; at a picnic, where he tells stories to eager listeners; and at a final dinner with his friends. This is a startlingly simple and intimate performance. (Note: This was previously titled, "Red Letter Edition.")

Great for group discussions!

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Jesus Talks! DVD
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