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Here is one of Curt's most frustrating scenarios — someone comes up to him after a performance and says, "If I had known how great this was going to be, I would have invited ten people."

Curt has been at this for quite a while and lots of people have seen him perform — but not everyone. The best press in the world is word-of-mouth — one person telling another, "You don't want to miss this guy".

Here are some tools to help you gather a crowd, and to help Curt avoid heartburn.

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Curt Cloninger: Short Publicity Piece

Since 1984, Curt Cloninger has performed his unique brand of solo theatre thousands of times, all around the world, and in every imaginable setting.  His performances will move you to laugh and cry, and examine what you believe about God and life.  It's been said of Curt,  "He's a hundred people, all rolled into one, but each of them revealing the love of God in a fresh new way."  His is more than just great theatre.  He's theatre with a lasting impression. 

Click here to download.

For longer publicity piece, click here

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Curt Witnesses

Video Clips

God-Views - Watch video clip
Witnesses - Watch video clip
Jesus Talks!- Watch video clip
Celebrate the Child - Watch video clip
When I Died Last Tuesday - Watch video clip
General Video Promo - Watch video clip

You may use these videos to promote a show. To download to a PC, simply right-click and choose to save to your hard drive. The videos average under 10M each in size. 

Curt Photos

We have provided high resolution photographs in JPG format below and throughout this website for you to use to promote your show in any print or online medium. Simply click on an image and then right-click and save the high resolution version to your hard drive (PC) or drag to your desktop (Mac).

See below. Click to enlarge.
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Curt and Dog Curt's Headshot 7
Curt Headshot 3 Curt's Headshot 5-1
Curt on Stage Curt's Headshot 4
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Curt's Headshot 9 Curt Performance Shot 1
Curt Witnesses
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