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Wordpress Web Site for Lenoir Printing 1


Web Sites Have Changed! The New Look in Web Design

A year or so ago, if you'd told me that web sites would look the way they do today, I would have said, "You're kidding." I just figured they would continue going in the direction they had been for the past twenty years; which, in my opinion, was very boring. Which is why I've always gone in a different direction with my clients' sites. But what has been happening in the world of web design, and specifically in the world of WordPress templates, is down right exciting.


Wordpress Web Site for Lenoir Printing 4

Wordpress Web Site for Lenoir Printing 5


Here it is in a nutshell: web sites are starting to sell. That's right: instead of sitting there like a brochure in a rack or a magazine in a newsstand, web sites have gotten off their butts and are using animation, graphics, sound and video TO SELL. What a concept! Social media sites have nothing over these cutting edge web sites. Visitors are able to interact, connect and even be entertained while learning about the products and services of a given company or organization.


Wordpress Web Site for Verdante Bioenergy 1


Finally: web sites have become about the visitor and customer and their needs, not the company or organization and their wants. After over twenty years of unabashed self-promotion, it's about time.


Wordpress Web Site for Verdante Bioenergy 3


These templates have built-in animation programs to fly in graphics and titles, several slider programs to choose from, seemingly limitless plug-ins to do everything from create a Google map with custom pins to track your Google Analytics information and create feedback mechanisms. And the thing is, this is all becoming standard offerings with any premium theme.


Wordpress Web Site for Verdante Bioenergy 4


The big feature is the front page. No longer is the simple landing page enough. Now web sites have long (seemingly endless) front pages that can be scrolled down in order to get a feel for the entire site, with little teasers from other pages, or the entire content. This feature was introduced to take advantage of the scrollability of tablets. Some people don't like this feature - I love it. As you scoll down, little animations are built in to make images fade in, jiggle, bounce, etc. All this increases the intereactivity and entertainment value of a web site...


Wordpress Web Site for Nelson Lubricants 1


... which translates into more sales. The more engaging a web site is, the longer a visitor will stay on it. And there are plenty of sales mechanisms built in to get them to respond and connect.


Wordpress Web Site for Nelson Lubricants 2


I believe we are finally seeing what many of us have been hoping for for years: an internet that is three-dimensional and alive, like a movie screen; not two-dimenstional and static, like a printed page. Of course, it's up to designers to continue in that direction to keep it that way.


Wordpress Web Site for Nelson Lubricants 4


Check out these three sites that I designed recently and see the difference between them and your average web site. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Click on the images to go to the sites.


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