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Wordpress Blog Twenty Eleven Theme


WordPress Web Sites and Blogs

For those who want a web site or blog that is highly functional and very affordable, we recommend our WordPress themes and templates. The best, in my opinion, is the one called Twenty Eleven. Almost every year, the WordPress staff offer a new theme that they developed in-house, with the most functionality and potential for plug-ins, customization and add-ons of any template that I've seen out there. This latest, which is named after the year it came out, is their best so far. With this theme as a starting point, we can give our clients pretty much anything they want for between $500 and $1,500: ease of maintenance, standard blog features, such as comments - or, if you prefer a more traditional web site look, we can give you that as well - alternating headers, photo portfolios, search and archiving functions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), filters for blocking spammers, various layout schemes, an endless array of color schemes, several RSS feed options, secure log-in, data base features, the ability to customize the overall template, etc. Above is the way the Twenty Eleven theme looks out of the box.


Wordpress Blog Rollins Benefits

This is the way we applied the Twenty Eleven theme for one of our clients. They wanted a secure, private web site that their staff could easily maintain, and that their employees could easily access in order to learn more about their company's benefits. This is a heavily cross-referenced site, so indexing was important. Every entry is entered under different categories and tags, to help employees find what they're looking for, either through the index or through the search function. Besides blog-style entries, this template allows you to create permanent articles, like a traditional web site; libraries of graphics and images that can be used in articles and portfolios; videos and other media; RSS feeds; etc. It is the blog-style of the WordPress templates that makes it easy for staff members to maintain their site. No programming knowledge is necessary.


Wordpress Blog Twenty Ten Theme

This is the Twenty Ten theme from the previous year. While it may not have quite as much functionality as the current theme, it is still highly functional and offers many options that still make it a more desirable choice than many of the commerical templates out there.


Wordpress Blog Lab Reports - Chemistry Communications

This is the way we applied the Twenty Ten theme for one of our clients. One of their requests was that we put a "teaser" box on the home page of their main web site that would feature the name and first several lines of the current post on their blog. We were able to find a plug-in that did that, and it works like a charm. That is one of the things I like about the Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes: there are so many plug-ins to choose from, and most work perfectly within these particular templates. Another thing I like about them is that WordPress isn't going anywhere: they are going to be around for years to come to maintain and upgrade these templates. That cannot be said of all the template companies out there. A third thing is: if you get tired of your present theme, you can switch to a different one - with no loss of content, and little if any loss of functionality, and often a gain.


Wordpress Blog - Waitsel

For those who want something a little more stylized than the Twenty series of templates - and especially for those who want something a little more commercial-looking - WordPress offers hundreds of themes to choose from, some free, some costing a nominal fee. Above is an example of one of their more standard, yet very popular, themes called "LightWord." I liked the look of it and felt it had the feel I wanted for this particular blog.

Again, if you want to hold down your costs yet have almost unlimited functionality, WordPress themes are the way to go. We can give you almost anything you'll need for between $500 and $1,500. I think you'll be very please. That's why we're here.


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